After hustling my son into the lift today, the following conversation takes place.

πŸ‘Ά but, where are we going?

πŸ‘§ i am going to the doctor (dentist to be exact) and you and daddy will go to abuela’s.

With a voice filled with concern and love, my 2-year old then asked ‘mummy, are you sick?’.

He is a mummy’s boy, there is no denying that. After spending almost 4 weeks together 24/7, i can affirm that he is even more so now.

There was a time when i thought that i will never have kids. I was never, and am still not, a big kid person. i wasn’t sure if i will ever be a good enough mummy.

Now though, i cannot imagine not having him in my life.


The weather today has been dreadful so far. First it was snow and then rain couldn’t stop pelting down.

My furbaby is restless. I know he is. He has been following me around the house all day. Brought him down for a bit so that he can go, but he refused to even walk a mere meter to his usual pee pee place. So now, it is back to him tailing us around at home.

When is this Siberian thing gonna come to an end? We are only home for 4 days and i am already tired of the cold and of all the layerings.

Back Home

First order of business upon our arrival back in Madrid was to go bring our furbaby home.

This boy was elated. I think he was jumping around us for a good 5 minutes. And then after we bade our friend goodbye and was headed out the door, he zoomed straight to the car, waiting for us by the door, instead of doing his laps around the garden. Talking about pure and simple love.

When you tell your 2-year old to pack his own hand luggage.

At least he chucked in a couple of books. So i guess parenting skill still caan make it.

Frivolous nonsense.

Found this in a shop in town. Locally made. I love the color and cut. The shoes are so comfy and soft somemore. When the lady told me that it is 17€ after discount, i am like 'i will take it!'.

They come with a detachable flap so the shoes can be worn 2 ways 😘. My only question now is HOW CAN I WATERPROOF THEM? the material is suede-like. πŸ€”

Yesterday we went to the mall to return a bunch of stuff for πŸ’ΆπŸ’Ά and today i spent all that money in two pairs of sneakers. Yup, on top of the red pair above, i bought 2 other pairs.

I cannot believe that i return 1 pair of adidas but ended up buying 2 pairs. 😣

Do i feel bad?

I do la. I seriously do because who needs 5 pairs of sneakers?

But they are on sale and i get 2 pairs for the price of 1. #excusesplease

1st pair because these patches, i cannot! And most importantly, it's 50% off!

2nd pair, because i saw a girl wearing this exact model in the train one day and i thought wah, this green is nice. And then BAM 50% off.

Earn so hard, spend so easy.

I am always telling myself that i will be more disciplined after this. But who am i kidding? I can totally see my husband laughing while reading this.

On to another piece of news, we went on a hot air balloon 'ride'. We didn't actually go anywhere la, the balloon is anchored and and only goes vertically up and down.

It is a treat for customers of the french supermarket chain. The organizer told us that it is 'free buffet' today, which means everyone can have a go.

One of them is not too impressed πŸ˜‚


January 13 and the tree is still standing.

I think one year, many moons ago, the tree was left in its place all the way till march.

Reindeer is a recent addition. He likes it, but he is not in love. He can climb onto it himself, rocking back and forth and telling me that he is 'going to the zoo'.

He talks a lot and surprisingly well now. We always thought it will take some time for him to catch up with his peers conversation wise, after all we speak to him in 2 languages.

Today, after telling the dog off for barking at the door, he turns to his daddy and says 'Gizmo is crazy'.

When asked if he likes the soup his abuela made for lunch, he said, in all seriousness that it is 'not so bad'. That one really had us in stitches.

Seriously, where has time gone?

It is christmas again and another year comes and goes.

Christmas lunch is in 40 minutes and this boy has just fallen asleep. In daddy's and mummy's bed no less.

Given spanish people 2.30pm lunch time schedule, we tried to put him down for his nap at 12.30 after his hotdog lunch. It was obviously to no avail.

Santa brought him a few things but these mini figurines are his favorite. He is currently in this phase where he is very taken by the chinese children song, ζ‹”η½—εœ. So he is constantly arranging all his toys in a row after a big lego block that acts as a luo puo.

Now with the addition of these figurines, he will have more manpower to ζ‹” the elusive big luo puo.

When the light is right 😍

So he is really into this song lately. It is beauty and the beast in pinkfong princesses series.

When beast finally turns into the prince, he would yell 'daddy'.

Today though, after watching the same thing, he came to me, push the e-book that i was reading away saying 'this one no', followed by 'mummy dance!'.

Turns out that he wanted to dance with me like beauty and the beast did. Oh…my heart….πŸ˜™

From today's nature walk. The son surprisingly loves it and is up for an adventure. It was a short walk, but he didn't ask for bao bao at all, in fact when daddy suggested baobao because of the very inclined terrain, he insisted 'adam do it'.

It is great that this trail is only 5 minutes from home. It is definitely not a trail that makes one go 'wow' but it is nice for a lil hike+walk with the furboy. The best part is that they have a very nice playground on the foot of the 'hill'. I can foresee we will come by quite often.

I said, i mean shrieked as he was running ahead of me, 'come, mummy takes a picture of you'.

He turned, slapped a smile on his face and counted '1, 2, 3'. πŸ˜‚ looks like my son already knows his mama's routine.

Last nite the husband was feeding lil man soup when he accidentally spilt some on lil man's pyjamas.

He looked on as daddy frantically tried to clean up the mess and exclaimed 'sho derty, mummy feed!'

Kids do say the darndest things. πŸ˜†

These golden leaves are so pretty. Too bad they last for so little. It feels like they all turn yellow overnight. And darkness now arrives at 6.30 pm, it is really quite depressing although i supposed tge sun sets even earlier in northern EU?

This is where i call home now. It is really not too bad a place, i must say. @clairosaur you come visit me, don't go BCN la πŸ˜„

It is always so weird to think that i am going back home, i.e., to madrid whenever i leave MY after a month long vacation. It is like i am leaving one home to go back to another home though it sucks that both homes are ten of thousands of miles apart.

This lil one has taken up permanent residence on our bed because it gets too cold for him to sleep on the floor under the bed. Not like we don't want to buy him his own bed hor, everytime we did he would make holes on the bed and eat the fillings and then proceed to sleep on the floor next to the bed. So we have now given up on getting a bed for him.

Accidental twinning that deserves its own picture, although my pose really cannot make it. That's why my husband is no # instagramhusband.

Apparently today the little man has his first talking to because he couldn't stop singing out loud during nap time in school. So teacher sat him down and told him that he has to respect nap time and not to disturb other children. 🀣 he does the same thing at home, i.e., lies on his and sings his heart out.