I said, i mean shrieked as he was running ahead of me, 'come, mummy takes a picture of you'.

He turned, slapped a smile on his face and counted '1, 2, 3'. 😂 looks like my son already knows his mama's routine.

Last nite the husband was feeding lil man soup when he accidentally spilt some on lil man's pyjamas.

He looked on as daddy frantically tried to clean up the mess and exclaimed 'sho derty, mummy feed!'

Kids do say the darndest things. 😆

These golden leaves are so pretty. Too bad they last for so little. It feels like they all turn yellow overnight. And darkness now arrives at 6.30 pm, it is really quite depressing although i supposed tge sun sets even earlier in northern EU?

This is where i call home now. It is really not too bad a place, i must say. @clairosaur you come visit me, don't go BCN la 😄

It is always so weird to think that i am going back home, i.e., to madrid whenever i leave MY after a month long vacation. It is like i am leaving one home to go back to another home though it sucks that both homes are ten of thousands of miles apart.

This lil one has taken up permanent residence on our bed because it gets too cold for him to sleep on the floor under the bed. Not like we don't want to buy him his own bed hor, everytime we did he would make holes on the bed and eat the fillings and then proceed to sleep on the floor next to the bed. So we have now given up on getting a bed for him.

Just realized that my son's outerwear collection is no joke. I guess enough jackets for now.

When you have no sibling, i guess you have to resort to playing with your mini truck.

Accidental twinning that deserves its own picture, although my pose really cannot make it. That's why my husband is no # instagramhusband.

Apparently today the little man has his first talking to because he couldn't stop singing out loud during nap time in school. So teacher sat him down and told him that he has to respect nap time and not to disturb other children. 🤣 he does the same thing at home, i.e., lies on his and sings his heart out.

Trees in the garden yet to turn yellow, but the chill is definitely coming in.

He was yawning in the car on the way home from evening stroll. He said 'sleeping'. I told him that he needs to take a bath first, then dinner and finally sleeps.

He repeats to himself 'first bath, and then dinner, and then TV and then sleeping' 😂

Throwing dry leaf into a fountain. The edge was wet as water splattered out of the fountain to the side. He grimaced so much when he accidentally rested his hands on the wet stone. I promptly clean them up but missed a spot. He raised his hands at me and said 'dirty'.

He told me a black cat ran into the bushes.

Okay, so i officially started my invasalign journey.

I say OFFICIALLY because today i finally went to my 1st appointment to take measurements, pictures and make molds of my teeth for the comprehensive study.

I wasn't worried abt it one bit, in fact i hardly think about it the whole day because it is gonna be a piece of cake.

Now i can conclude that no dental appoinment, however non-invasive, will ever be a pleasant one.

I've been livinv with my disastrous set of crooked teeth like forever and i have never feel the urge to do anything abt it.

But the husband is right, it's not the aesthetic part but more on the health issues that will develop in later years with teeth as crooked as mine. Although to tell the truth, the aesthetic part, i.e., the idea of having a straight set of teeth, is more appealing to me la.

The process started out okay. The picture taking involves using some plastic extender thingy

to really open up the mouth. It was not fun, but it was not hurting me or anything.

Then it was the xray part which is peanuts. Finally, we have to make a mold of my teeth and god lord was it painful. So he has this tray that he fills with some molding materials before laying them on my teeth. The stupid tray digged into my cheek and this intense pain spreads from my right cheek to the jaw and temple. It was the most excruciating 5 minutes, i swear.

It is funny the thoughts that ran through my head while i was laying there in pain, of all the random stuffs, i remember thinking

💣'arghh, this is worse than giving birth'
💣'I should count the number of bricks on the brick wall to calm myself'
💣'this counting thing is a bs'
💣'i am gonna get choked by my own saliva'
💣'please let this mold be good because i cannot do this a second time

And then of course one of them have to come out bad and we have to redo it 😣😣😣 just my luck

The dentist said i have the worst luck when it comes to teeth because it seems like none of them is growing right. Worst of all, i didn't just have 1 but 4 teeth, including 2 wisdom teeth, buried in the gum. Now that they were all taken out and i have made the decision to do something about my remaining teeth, the future is looking up up, in terms of dental problems la.

He keeps assuring that i am doing the right thing because a smile is a priceless factor when it comes to 1st impression.

In my head i was all like 'yeeeahh, i am married so i am not looking to impress anyone' BUT THEN i stopped myself right there and then because i realize i am not doing this to impress anyone, i am doing because i wanna feel better abt myself. I never used to be bothered by the condition of my teeth, but now i do think that having healthier pearly whites, as shallow as it may sounds, is really gonna gimme a confidence boost look wise.

And then comes the payment part. I know what i was getting into and i know the amount of money i am looking at. But that doesn't stop the heart pain when i saw my card being swiped. 🤣 i don't remember feeling this way buying other material stuffs. 😂😂😂

Dreadful weather, which is really not very Madrid because it rarely rains here. I think this is why the city is kinda not built to handle a torrential downpour because 30 minutes of rain and we get huge puddles everywhere. 😣

Happily having his tea time snack at grandma's 😍


This new nanny that we have, i am fine with her because her duty is to care for my son, and she does it well.

But she often leaves this kinda mess on our coffee table. We have some foam thingy placed around the edge of the coffee table to baby proof the house, so my guess is she sits on the sofa and stretches her legs out so that her feet, therefore her shoes, are supported on the edge. 😣

Randomly sit outside a shop to take a family snap because we go tripling.

Furbaby joins the #famfie. He was too busy sniffling around, i actually had to grab him to sit on my lap. Maybe that's why he no give face and refuses to look at the camera.

A simple bday party for adam at grandparents' place. Nope, that's not his birthday cake. It is just a candy cake that grandpa thought the children would like.

I seriously disapprove of all these empty calories and up until i have never given him a single candy and i am actually scared that he will take a liking to them. I am glad he doesn't. He tried 3 and spat 2 out and didn't ask for more.

Trying on his presents. A pair of boots. His love for shoes is real. He was so anxious and happy when he saw a pair of new shoes that he quickly took his sneakers off to try the new ones.

Alas he didn't like them, we put them on and he critically went 'no no no'. I think he is not used to the top of the boots hitting his ankles.

A grandaunt of his gave him a zara gift card.

#zara packaging game is strong. The card comes in a tiny envelope, placed inside a sturdy cardboard box which comes in a tiny paper bag.